Distracted by shiny

Distracted by ShinyHow many decorative tins do you have in your possession? They usually hold popcorn, cookies or candy. It can kinda make you dread the holidays or other special occasions because you or someone around you has a habit of holding onto these. Maybe you keep stuff in them…even stuff you use regularly. If that’s the case I can feel a little less judgmental. But for the collectors out there or people, like me, who think the 47 tins could be used for something someday, understand that if you have to move it even once trying to get to something you need at the moment, it needs to go.

The one in the photo came from Costco and had gingersnaps in it. The cookies were great. But now I have this stamped aluminum box with a copper-looking finish. No one  has put anything in it. It just collects dust.


This is not an antique. It’s not a handcrafted one-of a kind tool or work of art. It’s a mass-produced sort-of-artsy-looking container that has moved beyond its function.

So I threw it out with the recycling.


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