The Lilith myth: Generally not taught in Christian circles


I first heard of Lilith in college when a classmate mentioned her in one of my Hebrew classes. I wasn’t raised in church and I’ve never been part of the RPG communities and even with my spotty attendance over the years I have never heard her mentioned. With the little bit that I have learned about how the books of the Bible came to be concatenated, and given the amount of pseudepigraphical material I have read I can see how she probably wouldn’t have made the cut. So I had to gather the anecdotes, here and there, about her. I was talking wth my mother a couple of years ago and she said a friend of hers heard Lilith discussed during a bible study as Adam’s first wife. She’s not a character that would lend herself well to biblical teaching. I understand why she’s not a regular topic of study but I think churches would do well to have an occasional study of these type figures as well as coverage of related extra-biblical writings. I have a lot of reading to do as I am preparing posts for this website. I plan to learn more about her.


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