Preparedness Ed


As people who practice the preparedness way of life we understand the need to be aware of our surroundings, what’s going on with the media, systems of support, money and those pesky political clowns out there. There are books, magazines and websites dedicated to helping us educate ourselves, find advance training and so forth. I find it a bit aggravating at times when I’m dealing with someone who always sends out more sales offers. They never ask how you’re doing. It’s just more correspondence designed to create a “sense of urgency” and sell.

I understand people are in business to make money. I just can’t always part with mine regardless how urgent you want me to feel. Some battles I’m not in a position to fight right now. I am aware of things going on around the country but I can’t put as much as I’d like towards preparing for every eventuality.

So a certain prominent figure is a jerk about X. Well, thank you. I’ll take that under advisement. This isn’t anything anyone didn’t already know. They’re like that all the time. No. I can’t send you another $25 to fight him right now. Two months ago I had a raccoon tear a hole in the front of my house. The beast left before the trapper came by to set up. I still have to get the repair done on that. Having the wildlife removal service do work at my house cost money I had plans to spend elsewhere.

The ads and offers are just going to have to go to recycling for the time being. I’ll have to learn what I need to learn through some other means for the time being.

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