The Lilith myth: Generally not taught in Christian circles


I first heard of Lilith in college when a classmate mentioned her in one of my Hebrew classes. I wasn’t raised in church and I’ve never been part of the RPG communities and even with my spotty attendance over the years I have never heard her mentioned. With the little bit that I have learned about how the books of the Bible came to be concatenated, and given the amount of pseudepigraphical material I have read I can see how she probably wouldn’t have made the cut. So I had to gather the anecdotes, here and there, about her. I was talking wth my mother a couple of years ago and she said a friend of hers heard Lilith discussed during a bible study as Adam’s first wife. She’s not a character that would lend herself well to biblical teaching. I understand why she’s not a regular topic of study but I think churches would do well to have an occasional study of these type figures as well as coverage of related extra-biblical writings. I have a lot of reading to do as I am preparing posts for this website. I plan to learn more about her.

Horse and Sparrow

horses-assI recently heard supply-side or trickle-down economics compared to a horse and sparrow analogy where if you feed the horse enough oats, some falls to the ground to feed the sparrow.

It doesn’t work.

It was a cute idea in 1980 when Ronald Reagan presented it to a nation coming out of the 1970s malaise of inflation that Nixon left to Ford who handed it off to Carter. But they didn’t talk about the effects of that inflation longterm.

The money that trickles down loses its purchasing power because of inflation and other taxes and issues. If we put a $100 bill in an envelope in 1980 and allowed inflation to act on it, today when we went to get our cash we would only find $33.60. That is a 66% loss in purchasing power. We just cannot purchase the same amount of goods and services today that we could in 1980. Just fill up a grocery bag and see how fast it adds up.

So if you feed the horse enough oats eventually he shits on the sparrow.

The gameplan

I’m at work being paid as I write this. It’s our last shift as temps on this assignment. It’s the last graveyard shift I hope forever. This past year has been hard, first making adjustments to living at night and sleeping days. Being hired and the extentions of the contract. So now we’ve reached the last day.

There are things I need to focus on now that I have only half-heartedly been handling. I’m laying out some goals for the next year and a half:

  1. Eliminate sugar from my life. This is really important. My overall health, the diabetes, everything depends on this.
  2. Daily workouts
  3. Decluttering the house.
  4. Find a second job and/or a better-paying F/T one.
  5. Get more rest

I’ll be focusing here on 1 and 2 mostly. 3 is covered in the blog at They’re integrated goals since stress drives a large share of my bad eating habits.

Preparedness Ed


As people who practice the preparedness way of life we understand the need to be aware of our surroundings, what’s going on with the media, systems of support, money and those pesky political clowns out there. There are books, magazines and websites dedicated to helping us educate ourselves, find advance training and so forth. I find it a bit aggravating at times when I’m dealing with someone who always sends out more sales offers. They never ask how you’re doing. It’s just more correspondence designed to create a “sense of urgency” and sell.

I understand people are in business to make money. I just can’t always part with mine regardless how urgent you want me to feel. Some battles I’m not in a position to fight right now. I am aware of things going on around the country but I can’t put as much as I’d like towards preparing for every eventuality.

So a certain prominent figure is a jerk about X. Well, thank you. I’ll take that under advisement. This isn’t anything anyone didn’t already know. They’re like that all the time. No. I can’t send you another $25 to fight him right now. Two months ago I had a raccoon tear a hole in the front of my house. The beast left before the trapper came by to set up. I still have to get the repair done on that. Having the wildlife removal service do work at my house cost money I had plans to spend elsewhere.

The ads and offers are just going to have to go to recycling for the time being. I’ll have to learn what I need to learn through some other means for the time being.

Lee Kum Kee: A dab of anchovy with the heat


One of several Sriracha-type sauces out there, Lee Kum Kee adds a touch of fish sauce to their recipe giving the sauce a slightly different flavor from what we might call “basic” Sriracha sauce. The salt/sodium content is a little higher. I think it works better with seafood dishes than other brands. Given its unique flavor, you can use it instead of fish sauce in certain recipes. Like all Sriracha sauces I use it instead of ketchup, straight on the burger with a tablespoon on the side to dip fries.