rambutan store displayI was wandering around Central Market on Saturday and in the area where they keep turmeric and galang I saw these spiky balls with the name Rambutan on the label. I grabbed two since I didn’t know if I’d like it.  I looked up how to open it and eat it. It’s a soft-ish outer rind with a translucent white fruit inside with a seed that is about the size of and shaped like an almond.

You cut through the rind with a paring knife around it and squeeze to get the fruit to pop out. The meat is very tight against the pit so separating it would be quite a chore. I just nibbled around it until I cleaned the pit. It has an extremely mild flavor kind of like a prickly pear. The flavor could be lost in combination with anything remotely stronger. Rambutan OpenedIt might go well with coconut or something equally subdued in taste.

These came from Guatemala but the tree has its origins in SE Asia. There is more information at rambutan.com