Return to Prepping…Someday

I got way off track a few years ago and because of the layoff and its aftermath I have not been prepping. My goal is to return to it one of these days. I hope the worst case scenario hasn’t happened by then. But, who knows. I am going to start putting aside silver again. I think my budget will allow for one or two ounces a month. So my goal for 1 June, 2015 is to have 25 ounces on hand. We’ll see how that goes.

Issues that I’ve written about on my blog at have gotten in the way of my being able to do anything else towards preparedness. Right now, things are a bit tight at the alien hideout.

One thought on “Return to Prepping…Someday

  1. I’m one of those preppers who thinks that $30 in extra bags of rice, dried lentils, or even toilet paper is always better than having an extra $30 worth of silver or gold. Much better, in my eyes, to have what you’ll need rather than having to trade for the things you’ll need with silver or gold.

    Good luck with your return to prepping. Don’t get too discouraged – every little bit goes a long way over time! Besides, I’m sure you’re already much more prepared than you think! 🙂


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