Returning Clutter

Last week I boomerangtook all the PEZ dispensers to Goodwill. They’d been occupying three shelves in the living room. When I decided to get rid of the shelving I decided to let the toys go, too. The toys might be worth a few bucks, but I don’t want to warehouse a bunch of stuff waiting for a theoretical eBay sale.

When I take something out of here it is with the understanding that I can probably buy it again if I ever decide I need it. Nothing in this house is one-of-a-kind. Everything I have is mass-produced and replaceable.

Quite replaceable.

Ridiculously easy to replace.

It is the ready availability of things that makes it all the more important to turn off the auto-pilot. Unconscious consumption is how things end up in a shopping cart, a trunk and back in our homes. There have been several times, since I started cleaning, that I’ve been in a store, passed by something I got rid of a week before and been tempted to buy again. And I’ve even said to myself, “…I just gave one of those away.”

Stores aren’t going to help you not buy things just like drug dealers won’t help you stop using and liquor vendors won’t help you stop drinking. Having your credit cut off isn’t the answer. One can always find a way. You have to put it down and walk away.

Sometimes you have to do that…a lot.

Remember the space. It’s priceless. It’s worth more than the entire contents of your home.