Photos vs keeping stuff around

Sylvia HernandezThis is Sylvia Hernandez. I worked with her for a couple of years until she was murdered on a Saturday in 1998. This is the photo that was on her work ID. I had a printout of it with some papers. We weren’t really close but her death hit everyone pretty hard. Instead of keeping the printout I took a picture of it and threw out the printout with the rest of the papers. I’m doing the same thing with some things I take to sell or donate. I got the idea from Bruce Sterling’s Last Viridian Note where he says, “You should document these things. Take their pictures, their identifying makers’ marks, barcodes, whatever, so that you can get them off eBay or Amazon if, for some weird reason, you ever need them again.” I don’t intend on purchasing most of this stuff again. In fact I haven’t made that many photos compared to the amount of junk I’ve removed from here. Space is priceless.

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