Final Inventory: Too Many

The house is a mess. Has been for years. I have a path from the bed to the bedroom door. There’s a path through the livingroom to the kitchen and front door. I can get in and out of the house okay. I need a pen or clipboaFinal Inventory-Too Manyrd. I can’t find one because it’s been swallowed in the chaos that is my home. I head to one of the OfficeShack stores and buy another one or pack of several. And over the years the process repeats itself.

Years later I start to deal with my problem. Cleaning and clearing turn up two extra clipboards like the one already at my desk and two for 5″x8″ pads. I needed a clipboard. Because of the way I was living I kept losing clipboards. And now I have enough to share.

The same thing happened with padfolios. I have already donated several. I’ve found years-worth of pens, pencils, erasers and notepads. I stocked up intentionally on notepads. I like the grid rule and Cornell note style pads and once those disappear from stores after the school supply rush you have to special-order them.

In a few days I’ll have another bag or box headed to Goodwill. It will include clipboards, pens and other things I find around here that need to go.




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