Portfolio items

So far I have designed two mock business cards for hypothetical companies for my portfolio. While I have uploaded copies to my online portfolio on Behance, my plan is to place small orders for actual cards. I have a physical portfolio and I intend to keep adding to it and upgrading it. The smaller order of cards will cost a bit more than say 500 but it’s a business expense I don’t think is unreasonable. Maybe I can find a coupon to knock a couple of bucks off the shipping.

Cards are easier because there is a limited amount of information. However, they are part of a brand or identity kit and include letterhead, brochures and a website. Once I have created these other items for an entity I will most likely get the brochures printed and maybe run off the letterhead on my printer here at home. I’ll probably need to buy a larger binder to house everything and carry the smaller portfolio binder to interviews with a sampling of items from the larger book.