Episode 5 – Bylaws

I haven’t commented on the last couple of episodes because I didn’t see anything that applied to preparedness or survivalism. The last couple of episodes mostly had drama themes.

One of the characters in this episode used the phrase “Frontier Justice.” I guess that’s harsher than the way we do it in our modern, civilised system with brutal murderers being able to lay on a table in an air conditioned room and fall asleep.

Let’s say this economic time bomb we’re dealing with goes off tomorrow and we begin a full power descent into chaos with food riots, looting, civil unrest on an uprecedented scale. Think Rodney King to the nth power. Small sub-communities should form made up of a couple, maybe three neighborhoods. Security would be mainly an amped up version of Neighborhood Watch.

How do you handle justice in this situation? The community might be forced to banish someone or execute them. These are not easy decisions. They should tear at your gut. And the community is diminished by having to make them.

Pray for wisdom, because you’ll need it.

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