Fairly Foolproof Cooking

Acorn Squash and Friends

It take some effort to mess up acorn squash. I’ll be stuffing this guy in a couple of days. All that’s missing are black pepper, salt, olive oil, sesame oil and some tin foil. The tomato isn’t really part of it. I had one laying around and threw it in for color.

Diminishing Connectedness

Emptied I cleaned out my locker tonight.

I’m not leaving yet.

I work for a newspaper and the company and industry are going through severe contractions. After being told in the meeting on 10/27 that everything connected with my tenure here will continue to be up in the air at least through the end of next year and that I may be out of a job anytime from March through December of 2012 I decided to reduce the amount of stuff I have here down to what can fit in a letter-size file box or one of those reusable shopping bags. In fact I may bring one of those here and put it in the file cabinet with my stuff.

It wasn’t just the meeting that brought this on. We’ve had a very stressful year and it really started coming to a head several meetings ago when we were told that eventually there would be less of us here and there is that pesky little detail of the 59 people being laid off back on the 11th.

Things like this have me re-evaluating connections to the things and people in my life. I won’t be dumping any people. But relationships and how I look at them are changing. I just want to know where I stand with everyone I deal with and they should expect the same from me. And right now I am starting to feel like a temp.

In going through the stuff in my locker I found a Bausch and Lomb zipper pouch for contact lens stuff, a couple of wire mesh desk thingies, an expanding file folder and a can of soup of unknown expiration. I also found paperwork junk going back 9 years from positions I haven’t held in 5. I went through all the papers and threw out a few pounds of stuff I’ve received during meetings years ago that haven’t come up since.

I guess this is my first attempt at Viridian Design. I’ve thought, abstractly, from the little of Mr. Sterling’s writings that I’ve read about utility and connectedness. But I guess the feeling hadn’t changed or at least I had not noticed its shift.

I need to clean the desk again. The dust is heading into its rabbit phase. But I think I could bag this stuff up in about five minutes if the situation called for it.

New Affiliate

I have added The Ready Store’s widget to the sidebar. I’m looking for other programs that are not connected with Google or Adsense. I’ll be keeping things like that in the sidebar and not between posts. I don’t think I’ll be switching to a three-column template. I’ll probably make a decision on height for ads and limit the links to that.