Steps Towards Paleo Eating

Un-Sandwiched I’m trying to eliminate bread from my diet. The goal is to get rid of processed sweeteners and all grains. But I’ve realized that I’m not good at the willpower game long-term. Eventually I end up at the Asian buffet with wonton soup, sesame chicken and orange shrimp on my plate. We’re running low on bread at the moment and I started to just have the cold cuts and cheese with some mustard as a dipping sauce but I was looking at it laying there in the dish and it didn’t look like much. Food needs to be fluffier. It needs to have some thickness to it. it needs to stick out of the bun in odd directions. So I cut up the meat and cheese and put a couple fistfuls of spring greens and spinach in the dish, sprinkled pepper and garlick Mrs. Dash and drizzled some Sriracha and mustard. I know it’s basically a salad but I’m calling it the Un-Sandwich.

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