The Demographics of Bugging Out

Part of my longterm plan is to buy some land in a rural setting, build a house on it and move there when I retire. My time frame is 7-10 years. I’m not sure how far along we’ll be in the true recovery from the depression we’re falling into. But I hope to be paying less property tax and zero urban-ness. I’ve been in cities all my adult life and I want something different for my future.
We lived for five years in a small town in Southern California. It was the mid-1970s and we were part of a very small minority. We didn’t always feel welcome in that town. I moved back to Texas when I was 16 and have only visited there twice since then. The town has changed and grown a lot. Some of the attitudes are probably still there.
Wide open spaces and clear skies have always attracted me. Now that I have so many working years behind me and less ahead I wish I had made building a life under those skies my goal when I was first starting out. Now it’s a race. Now it’s cramming for finals.

When I think of everything that goes into selecting a couple of acres and building a life there, all the building materials and physical labor are worthless if I am not part of the community. I need to know who are my neighbors and whether I am going to be able to fit in the town. I’ve never been a social butterfly and I definitely have some of the urban psychological quirks that stand out in a country setting. I’ll have to get over that stuff.

A good way to do this is to pick a spot and visit there…spend a week. How do people act around me when the horn honks because I double-tapped the lock button on the remote? What are the restaurants like, the theaters, bars, churches? I really haven’t tried, but I don’t think there is a website that profiles communities based on their receptiveness to outsiders. How accepting are the residents of different races. I guess you could gather statistics. And GOD knows there is enough crap on that census form. I hope that question doesn’t end up on there for 2020.

Right now I am going to continue my training and purchasing as many storage items as I can. I’ll pick out ten places to visit and plan on visiting those in the coming year or two. A lot of this will depend on my financial situation. The job is still there for the time being but as we saw last week that could change overnight from the standpoint of the worker.