Wireless can be overrated

Lower Tech = Less $$$
I have a couple of bluetoof headsets. I quit using them. There have always been issues with people being able to hear me and vice versa. And that’s with the phone in my pocket…not in my bag by my desk while I’m out at the car talking. In my experience they’re not reliable. I find that people keep having to buy more headsets to work with the same phone. Then when they get a new phone the old set doesn’t work with it. Eventually you reach a point where you could spend enough in bluetooth to buy another phone. I picked up a few of these for $1 each on dailysteals.com. They came with adapters to take the 2.5mm to 3.5. I can hear everyone and I’m not having to reach up to tap the reset button or adjust volume. If you’re having to futz with the headset, it’s not hands-free. With everything going up except pay, why spend $50-75 on a new headset when it’s competing with your gas tank? If you have a headset that works for you, use it. But eventually it’ll fall off the compatibility list for a phone you just bought. And really the whole corporate junior exec. thing of standing at the window and tapping your ear to take a call while the phone is on your desk is getting old. That was impressive 8 years ago. Plus if you’re like a lot of people you have to walk out of the cube farm and down the hall to find a window.