Zombies: Coming to Your Neck of the Woods

The CDC is suggesting that you prepare. They just posted a  40 pg. PDF about a zombie pandemic with suggestions for preparedness. I know there are a lot of people out there who are like their grasshopper cousins and don’t think anything will ever come that they can’t luck their way out of, but when the government, who got a chronic case of egg on their face during Hurricane Katrina, is telling you to prepare, pay attention. It’s a good, entertaining break. I hope people read it and start getting a kit together. It doesn’t matter what form the threat takes, you are going to need the same gallon of water per adult per day whether you’re evading aliens, fighting off humans with some debilitating but ambulatory pandemic (zombies), a tornado, quakes or wildfires approaching your subdivision. Laugh at me and my friends who are also “into this” all you want but pay attention.

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