Coldfront, Baby!

It’s 45° outside. For the 2nd day in a row I’ve been able to sleep through the night without turning on the fan. While I’d like to see more than a couple inches of rain all year I’ve really been tired of paying to cool off this house.

EMP – We're not ready

Monday I spent the shift listening to a podcast on Electro-magnetic Pulse called EMPact Radio. I found myself pausing every few minutes realizing just how bad our state of readiness is. We shouldn’t even speak of readiness regarding this. Not now. We’ve built our civilization around the availability of power. Like the food supply it’s ubiquitous to most of us. If we can put together a dollar, there’s always something to eat. It may not be good for us. But it’s there. Just look at how people behave before just the threat of an interruption in the food supply. We’re not ready for that either. For most of us our hunter-gatherer days are too far back in the ancestral line to be of any use to us. We never ask ourselves what we would do if we had to go back to that. Mechanization has given us a great many things. Unfortunately we’ve also thrown away a lot. Our toys didn’t take away the knowledge of a century ago. Gradually we bought into the lie that it was no longer needed.Technology is not a substitute for the skills of living. It serves us. But we have to leave it in that confine. As a culture, we’ve failed in that endeavor. A growing number of us have seen the failure and are returning to those skills. We suffer ridicule at the hands of those who lack the courage to utter seven words…what if we had to go back? The things contained in the soap bubble of our modern world are too tempting. We can’t imagine our lives without them and our ancestors, just going back 75 years, couldn’t imagine their lives with them. I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope I don’t live to see it. But at some point I could wake up in darkness with my battery-powered things not functioning. It doesn’t have to be al-Qaida. It could be the sun. Since I was born too late, how I respond to that will be governed by my character and whatever training I’ve completed. I could start ordering parts to build things to protect my electronics from a pulse. I’ll do that eventually. But having gizmos that work when most other people’s aren’t isn’t important to me. What I want first is to know how to feed and shelter myself. I need to be able to build fires, obtain water and defend myself and my family. I can always buy more crap after the radiation settles back down.

Zombies: Coming to Your Neck of the Woods

The CDC is suggesting that you prepare. They just posted a  40 pg. PDF about a zombie pandemic with suggestions for preparedness. I know there are a lot of people out there who are like their grasshopper cousins and don’t think anything will ever come that they can’t luck their way out of, but when the government, who got a chronic case of egg on their face during Hurricane Katrina, is telling you to prepare, pay attention. It’s a good, entertaining break. I hope people read it and start getting a kit together. It doesn’t matter what form the threat takes, you are going to need the same gallon of water per adult per day whether you’re evading aliens, fighting off humans with some debilitating but ambulatory pandemic (zombies), a tornado, quakes or wildfires approaching your subdivision. Laugh at me and my friends who are also “into this” all you want but pay attention.

The Universe and Supposition

Denial Marketing First of all. I do not have a problem with people making money peddling coffee to small businesses. It’s probably just as good or bad as that standard industrial crap that most offices buy on contract. I have a problem with gimmickry and people’s denial where the state of our economy is concerned. Were in a recession, folks. it’s too late in the game to pretend we aren’t and it’s going to take years to come out of it.People are going to lose jobs and people are going to get voted out of office in the wake of this. That goes from POTUS to the Wall Street Credit Default Swappers (Stock Brokers) to the Fed all the way down to whatever’s passing for your local city council. To anyone who is able to make this kind of money what are you doing with it? That places you well near the top of middle income numbers so how much have you saved? Are your house and car paid off? Are you contributing to charity? How’s your tax situation? Have you set aside an emergency cash fund? How are your food stores looking? What’s the state of your vehicle maintenance? Do you see where I’m going with this? If your situation is such that you aren’t being directly affected (not having to choose between necessities) by the current economy then you should be well set for food shortages, major gasoline price hikes, ATM network failures, riots etc. If you want to call these people, call them. Make as much as you can while you can. Just understand that anyone who’s painting smiley’s on what’s happening is lying to you.