Don't Follow Me, I'm Not Lost

I’ve lost quite a few friends on Facebook because of some of the things I post there. I’m not consistent. I’ll say something you like one day and something you hate the next. The word crazy has probably been uttered right before someone clicked the unfriend button. Those people really aren’t my friends. Friends will challenge you when they disagree with some position you’ve taken. It used to get to me when I’d find that someone had unfriended me. I am handling that better now.

The truth is, I’m not crazy. I’m all over the place because I’m not partisan. I’m not so loyal to any party or philosophy that I won’t drop it on its butt when I think it’s in the wrong. There is a lot that’s not right out there and none of it is caused by any one ideology other than greed and pride.

Years ago I considered myself a conservative Republican. I voted in all the primaries and for the Elephantine candidate in the general elections. I served as election judge and was an Alternate Delegate in the 2000 convention. Disillusionment became overwhelming and I dropped my affiliation in 2003. I didn’t send a letter. I just stopped responding to any communications.

Are there good people in the Republican party? Absolutely. The same goes for the Democrats, the Libertarians and every other group. But parties and those elected from them often fail to serve the people. I say “often” but it’s most of the time. Forty or fifty years ago people elected someone thinking that they’d get Federal money to build this or that in their state. Bringing home the bacon is a phrase that I remember hearing a lot. I was also told, when I was younger, that conservatives and Republicans supported business. And as a young man I tried to do the same. Remember that disillusionment I talked about a couple of paragraphs earlier? A lot has changed since the 70s and 80s. “Business” that bases its profit on having our manufacturing base in China and India with well over 10% unemployment here while delivering foreign made stuff for people to buy is no longer something I support.

So while the right is trying to prop up banks that have sold their souls to mammon with the ongoing credit default swap and “toxic asset” fiasco, saying they’re too big to fail, the left demands “affordable” health care. While it sounds good and I can see the good intentions behind it, it only addresses treatment. There is nothing in there about prevention. Cleaning up the food supply and getting people to take responsibility for their own situations is not something the bill which President Obama signed addresses. It’s all about insurance and drugs and the doctors prescribing them. But the left hasn’t been able to let go of it since Clinton and now it’s being phased in. It’s not going to be what’s in Canada and England. It’s an American critter and we really don’t know how much it’s going to cost because we’re not paying for it yet.

There are two examples. I’ve slammed each side for something I don’t agree with. I support what I believe to be right and I oppose everything else. My loyalty is to my own judgment. I am a Christian. But I’m not going to say that every position I hold is prayerfully considered or biblically correct or given to me by G-d. Maybe it should be but we’re not there yet. It’s not a straight line. My philosophy doesn’t back any one thing. And a lot of people can’t handle that. So I enjoy my time with the ones that do and leave the rest to whatever position they’ve chosen.