Occupy "Insert Your Town's Name"

I drive by this bunch everyday during the week. I really don’t think this kind of thing would work in a small town. They seem pretty peaceful. It looks like a tiny version of some of the concerts that go on during SXSW and ACL. It also looks like the people camping for weeks to get in to see Star Wars.

Occupy Austin

I don’t intend to be here Saturday for the big rally. I just hope everything remains amicable between the protesters and any of the authority figures.

Occupy Austin

I meant to use a wider angle to get the sign on the right talking about ending the Fed.

Occupy Austin

I like some of the things I see on their signs. I just question who’s behind them. I know people are calling it a grassroots movement but it looks like a coordinated copycat movement and I want to know who in addition to MoveOn is behind it. The lady is right. Corporations are not people. And if the law treated them as something else maybe they’d have to earn more of an honest living as businesses.

Occupy Austin

Government may be accountable to the people but they certainly act as if their real bosses are the banks.


I don’t know who is in this photo. If everyone did this, especially starting at such a young age, we’d have less problems like what is being protested across the country.

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