Terra Nova – Episode 2 Instinct

Terra-Nova-TV-Series-2 300The colonists have started survival training but they’re not going far enough with it. These are sheeple from our future who’ve been transported to the dinosaurs. They’re still relying on stuff…gadgets…tech. In survival training we need to understand fire, not just the fact that we need fire or that it can save our lives but that it’s sacred and alive. We need to know that it can both sustain life and end it.

I’d have felt better had I seen the characters using a bow or hand drill. The fact that their training begins with some sort of electronic lighters tells me that they’re still counting on having their stuff with them to get them through whatever. We have to understand that we may find ourselves having to survive with nothing but whatever we can find around us. We might not have a knife or rope and may have to make both of those. Survival might require breaking off branches and being lucky enough to find one straight enough to create a hand drill. Thoughts like “I wish I had this or that” are not going to be helpful. Stone-age thinking is what needs to be at the forefront. All our modern culture is little more than layers piled atop that of our lithic ancestors. What if something causes those layers to dissolve?

To consider the layering, for fire we have to have friction, something to ignite and something to burn. Then we start fashioning the tools to give us the heat and finding stuff to ignite and burn. As we evolve this process we start to pre-cut things to keep on hand. Later we come up with fancy things like butane lighters and bricks made of sawdust and wax which again we have to keep on hand. So at the end we’re relying on stuff and systems of support to provide for our lives and the survivalist gets ridiculed for always asking, what if those things suddenly aren’t there?

I hope the show includes more scenes of survival training. We’ll have to see.