Yard work as a prep

This last round of tree trimming was timed rather well in that the city was doing large brush pickup this past week. It started with me cutting down a pine tree that was about six feet from my house. I’ve been having problems with something running around in the attic. I’ve had exterminators out and they say the critters were Norway rats. It looks like they’ve been getting on the roof from the trees. The pine was the main one. Then the neighbor has some trees that were reaching over the roof but I’ve cut most of that down now. There is a thin one in the corner of their yard that still has branches and I’ll have that cut back in the next week or so. The next item on the list is raking up the yard. I’ve not really done that, so there will probably be quite a few leaf bags filled over the next few weeks. We’re still not getting much rain here so everything is really dry. There have also been raccoons using the ground on one side to take a dump. I’ve started cleaning that up and once that’s done I’ll be spraying predator urine of some kind…probably bobcat. Cleaning the yard up will make the place less of a fire hazard and make whatever gardening I decide to do easier.

Changes at Alien Survival

There’s been a lot going on in my life since I started this blog back in November. Because of that my productivity has fallen off quite a bit. This blog has become an afterthought when the original goal was to build a readership and attract sponsors.

First, to those who have visited here more or less regularly, I apologize. This is important to me and needs to be as much a priority as the other things cluttering up my life demanding attention.

I recently learned that I made the same mistake most people here on blogger make, namely jumping into monetizing way too early. Therefore the Adsense ads have been removed and I don’t know that they’ll ever be back. I am keeping the two book banners: It’s a Disaster and What Are You Going To Do About It? and Making the Best of Basics on the blog as well as whatever the latest patch or craft item I have for sale. The rest of income generation will have to wait while we produce content for the readers. I will continue to cover preparedness, astronomy, space aliens and related literature and films. Until I get the plan solidified things may appear a bit haphazard but we will be posting something every day.

Kevin Cosgrove's 911 Call from Tower 2, Unit 105 – Never Forget

9/11 comes every year and every year I see the same tributes to the police, fire fighters and paramedics…the First Responders. Maybe it’s hard to picture a building collapsing beneath, above and around you, so it’s easier to celebrate the folks who are still here. That’s fine. They are the heroes and they deserve to be honored. However there are a lot of other folks who need to be remembered and I don’t hear a lot of talk about them.

This is Kevin Cosgrove’s last four and a half minutes on Earth. He and his colleagues were in unit 105, 2nd tower, Northwest corner. While I appreciate everything the first responders did and I appreciate what they are going through, if there is to be any sense to this war without end that we’ve been sending people to die in through two administrations and ten years, I’d like to think that it’s to avenge this guy and the thousands of others who died that day and not so much shoving democracy down the throats of nations in the Middle East.

To all the people who lost their lives that Tuesday morning, I hope you’ve found peace.