Preps at work

I keep a few items in a file cabinet at my desk. There are a few cans of soup, sardines and packs of Ramen noodles. It’s maybe a week’s worth as far as shifts go. That way if I’m rushed and don’t have time to get my lunch together, which happens occasionally, I can eat some of what I already have and I don’t have to go out. I have to be careful about leaving stuff in the refrigerator. No one really goes into my file drawers but people are always in the fridge. We’ve had some items disappear from time to time. We seemed to have that under control for quite a while but thieves are like rodents and they tend to resurface.

The other food related things in the “work kit” are a set of flatware, a soup mug and some spices. I hate going down to the break area only to find that we’ve run out of sporks. There’s not really much that isn’t working for me or needs changing other than bringing a couple food items every now and then.

Theory can become practice in seconds

Years ago I was watching a movie. One character had just accused another of paranoia. The other person said, “…just ’cause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…” There were some nervous chuckles from both parties and then the story moved on.

Well as a prepper I say just because the dirtying of the bladed spinning device hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it can’t. So I’m preparing because the theory (job loss, weather, fire, illness, theft, etc) can become practice (in your face, happening to you and around you) QUICKLY. We may not see it coming. We may not have any warning. It may not be the wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes and acres in Bastrop County down the road from me. It may not affect the entire community. The devastation might only be in the life of one person.