Yard work as a prep

This last round of tree trimming was timed rather well in that the city was doing large brush pickup this past week. It started with me cutting down a pine tree that was about six feet from my house. I’ve been having problems with something running around in the attic. I’ve had exterminators out and they say the critters were Norway rats. It looks like they’ve been getting on the roof from the trees. The pine was the main one. Then the neighbor has some trees that were reaching over the roof but I’ve cut most of that down now. There is a thin one in the corner of their yard that still has branches and I’ll have that cut back in the next week or so. The next item on the list is raking up the yard. I’ve not really done that, so there will probably be quite a few leaf bags filled over the next few weeks. We’re still not getting much rain here so everything is really dry. There have also been raccoons using the ground on one side to take a dump. I’ve started cleaning that up and once that’s done I’ll be spraying predator urine of some kind…probably bobcat. Cleaning the yard up will make the place less of a fire hazard and make whatever gardening I decide to do easier.

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