Changes at Alien Survival

There’s been a lot going on in my life since I started this blog back in November. Because of that my productivity has fallen off quite a bit. This blog has become an afterthought when the original goal was to build a readership and attract sponsors.

First, to those who have visited here more or less regularly, I apologize. This is important to me and needs to be as much a priority as the other things cluttering up my life demanding attention.

I recently learned that I made the same mistake most people here on blogger make, namely jumping into monetizing way too early. Therefore the Adsense ads have been removed and I don’t know that they’ll ever be back. I am keeping the two book banners: It’s a Disaster and What Are You Going To Do About It? and Making the Best of Basics on the blog as well as whatever the latest patch or craft item I have for sale. The rest of income generation will have to wait while we produce content for the readers. I will continue to cover preparedness, astronomy, space aliens and related literature and films. Until I get the plan solidified things may appear a bit haphazard but we will be posting something every day.