TSA Redundancy: 1 bad apple spoils the bunch…of bad apples

thief Nelson SantiagoA TSA worker in Florida took an iPad from a customer’s luggage and shoved it down his pants. Evidently he has been charged with Grand Theft and has stolen about $50K in property which he sold on Craigslist.

Is anyone out there still laboring under the assumption that this agency should exist at all? Here’s your real terrorism, folks. An agency created ostensibly to protect the country from terrorists allows a punk like Nelson Santiago to rip off passengers. The difference is that this ass clown got CAUGHT. How many times have crimes like this happened and been covered up or otherwise gone unreported? These are a bunch of tin-star-wearing control freaks and pervs. They should be dragged away from their precious scanners, tarred, feathered, have their little badges pinned to them and shipped out on a leaky boat to Gitmo!

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