Christian Pride: A dangerous pseudointellectual exercise

I’m just not comfortable with this idea.

My best friend’s daughter just graduated HS with honors. I’m proud of her, her accomplishments and those that she’ll achieve in the future. If you were to ask me am I “proud” to be a Christian or am I “proud” of God, I’d have to say no. I’m not proud of God and I really don’t think he is asking that of me. Regardless my brain just won’t fold in on itself to talk that kind of language.

Folks, this is just not a good idea. I don’t know who started it. Maybe it makes them feel good. I doubt they’re able to articulate their position well enough to give the passing blog-reader a good enough understanding of what they mean. And this is where the real problem sits. The Bible teaches that the way we conduct our lives should not cause anyone to stumble. You may have heard ministers speak of “stumbling blocks.” So knowing what Proverbs says, namely that pride precedes destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18), WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT BEING PROUD CHRISTIANS?

If it’s a movement, it needs to stop. It sends a wrong and potentially dangerous message to the very people we’d like to talk to. It’s a corruption of the Bible. It’s no different than the idea of knowing we’re to be raptured on thus and such date. There is supposed to be a difference between the christian and the person who hasn’t yet come to a belief in Christ. That difference is supposed to be part of what attracts people to that belief. Being “proud” blurs that distinction. We are reaching a point historically, psychologically and sociologically where one has to ask why should anyone want to convert when they can do everything they’re already doing and not bother winking in the direction of God.

People don’t need to see us showing pride in our God, they need to see our humility and the things God is able to do with that.

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