Lessons from The Road to Wellville

Mr. Lightbody: But I don’t think I could eat five quarts of yogurt.
Dr. Kellogg: Oh but it’s not for that end.
–A conversation between Matthew Broderick and Anthony Hopkins, The Road to Wellville, 1994

That pretty much sums up my feelings on business and the economy of the entire world.

Utter insanity.

We have governments and companies choosing to press the people further and further into debt and poverty while they wring their fortune out in taxes and high prices when the amount people would be willing to spend outpaces that by several times. Lower prices and lower taxes would give us a longer-living economy in much the same way as biologists tell us that a diet lower in calories would lead to a longer life. How much more driving and buying would you do if just the price of gas and property taxes were reduced by half? How much would politicians’ approval ratings rise? But snatching from one to give to the other and pitting the have-lesses against the have-nots against the have-a-bit-mores against the have-a-lots and the other way around in reverse seems to be the wisdom we’re to operate under for this century and probably the next.