You can't have your card and play it too

So far I’ve seen numerous photos of victims’ relatives in tears at memorials. The grieving and healing period for dealing with a tragic death can be pretty long. Some people never “get over” the loss or find “closure.” So they’ve reopened wounds for a lot of people that had just started to form a scab. I am truly sorry if my skepticism makes that worse but there are inconsistencies between the actions taken vs what should have happened and it’s best to point them out now while the sharks are still gnawing on the carcass.

ThePoker Hand Rankingre are rumours that he’s been dead since the late 1990s. There are rumours that we’ve had his body on ice since as early as 2002. I’ve heard that we killed him during that first set of attacks on al Qaida in late 2001. From time to time we were treated to audio and video supposedly of bin Laden or al-Somebody. I even heard one commentator say he could be walking around Pakistan in a burka. I stopped listening at that point because I felt the media was scraping the bottom of the septic system for something to say.

When I first heard that our forces had taken custody of his body I expected some photos of a partially open bodybag. Then I saw another headline that he’d been “buried at sea.” Burial at sea is an honour reserved for fallen sailors. Burying a terrorist at sea is a body dump. The truth is we’re never going to know what was dumped in the ocean. They should have brought him to New York to the Hudson and dumped him there. If they were lucky he might have sank near the spot where Hoffa was supposedly dumped.

This isn’t justice. Justice would have been capture, trial, conviction, execution WHILE keeping our freedoms intact. Instead 10 years ago we were forced into an evil bargain, trading freedom for safety and now we’re both less safe and less free. We wanted his head on a plate. I find this whole thing rather anti-climactic. This is Obama’s version of “We got him.”

Nothing’s changed other than the amount of flag waving and cheering has gone up and conservatives who hours earlier were looking for every excuse to criticize the Administration are now praising the President. The economy is still half past the first bend in the toilet. The price of gas is still hovering near $4 in Texas and near $5 other places. None of the weights hung around the necks of the people have been removed. No new jobs have been created here. Probably a few more have been created overseas. The “threat” is probably now higher because of possible retaliatory attacks. And more people are going to be looking outside themselves for their security.

The trump card has been played.