Changing the Problem Solver

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

That quote is attributed to Albert Einstein.

So Madoff’s in jail, several banks have failed and been gobbled up by other banks. We’re trillions in debt and the number keeps rising. The real culprits, the people who caused this financial disaster, the ones at the top, are still there. They’re not incarcerated. They’re not hindered in any way. They still have their jobs in banking, government, media, oil production and several other related industries.


In a common sense world, when you make a mess, it’s your duty to clean it up. That doesn’t always happen. But we all need to be on the hook. However. These people in power, in protected positions, the policy makers and manipulators, the financial speculators…people who invent things like “derivatives” and sell them to other investors…the-bailed-out…they need to be fired, arrested, removed from office. They need to be prevented from further cleaning because their solutions only bring more mess. And somebody else, actually several someones need to be put in their place. We need people of a different spirit to fix this mess. It’s going to take something the people in control lack…humility. Arrogance has been tried and has led us to an unqualified disaster. It’s still happening and there’s no end in sight.


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