What a Trillion really means

A trillion is a lot of money. Spending $1 Trillion at $1/sec. would take one person 31,709 years, 289 days, 1 hour, 46 min and 40 seconds to accomplish. It would take the two houses of Congress working jointly 59 years, 98 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes and 58 seconds. Maybe if they did that they wouldn’t have time to think of new ways to spend what isn’t theirs.

Trillion BucksThat’s counting the stuff. Let’s look at how much space it would take up: One trillion dollars in $100 bills would take up 10,000 pallets, double stacked and cover over an acre and a half.

Now people may read this and say well it’s all in computers and we would never see that much cash in one place. True. And that’s the problem. Because we’ve never really had a clear picture of it, Because we’ve spent our way up there without a real understanding of the scope of what we’ve been doing, We’re in debt such that we can never pay it off.

Eventually it will fail. And after that, the people making decisions and signing trillions into existence with a penstroke will have to be replaced with other people who understand what should be a simple principle, that we cannot consume more than we’ve produced.

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