More from the Hell-bound Handbasket of Science Run Amok

Some mothers choose to not breastfeed their babies. In some cases there are hormonal imbalances that might be attributed to this practice. So in steps our wonderful, loving geneticists to produce frankencattle. In this article from the Telegraph, scientists are genetically modifying cows to produce…drumroll, please…HUMAN BREAST MILK.

Yes, the enzyme and hormone profile of human breast milk is the best for an infant, but instead of allowing the parents to decide how to feed their child, now we propose to use genetic tinkering as a solution. It’s like fluoridating the water because some parents don’t make their children brush properly. And what guarantee do we have that such cows will never cross, even by accident, with the cattle we use for beef?

I don’t want to say much more about it ‘cuz I want that to sink in past anyone’s social programming that any advancement in technology automatically means a step forward.

But hey, maybe they’ll have a corporate merger with the London spots that are serving ice cream made with donated human breast milk.

This kind of insanity reminds me of Jeff Goldblum’s words in Jurassic Park: “…We were so busy trying to find out if we could that we never stopped to ask whether we should…”

I know it’s just a movie, but GOD a lot of the stuff some branches of science pulls out of its arse reminds me of science fiction.


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