Politics: The Change I Have Gone Through

I guess you can say I’m a Libertarian. I don’t know if we’ll ever elect one President. Between shenanigan and skulduggery, the two party system pretty much have that office locked up. In 1986 when I was a kid fresh out of college I was a Republican. I supported Ronald Reagan and “business.” In the labor vs management fuzzy dichotomy I was a supporter of management. And my career or job history began that way. Again that was 25 years ago. A lot has happened and I’ve seen a lot from governments, businesses and the world.

In 2003 I turned 40. Sometime as I closed in on the end of 39 I realized I had some misgivings with my affiliations. The Republican party I was looking at then did not seem like the one I started out with back in the days of Ron and cooked-hair bands. So I left the party. I didn’t send a letter. I just walked. I still get crap from them in the mail. I think that’s because I am still registered as a Repub or at least still on the books and occasionally I vote in their primary. I still vote. But it is with extreme contempt. As far as I am concerned we’re choosing between poo and fecal matter as far as voting goes. It all stinks and we need to wash our hands after we’re done.

In 2003 I hadn’t connected any of the dots. I just felt that something was wrong with my choices. I didn’t like where I was and I needed to be somewhere else. In 2008 I got involved with the patriot movement. That means I started watching several gigs of conspiracy video. In 2010 I came to the realization that there isn’t much I can do against a well-financed New World Order with all its special people we’re supposed to adore. As one man I can’t do much against that. But I can plant a seed in my yard and I can buy an extra can or two of sardines. So here I am in the preparedness/modern survival movement.

Well last night I posted on FB that my newest goal is to drag an oil company exec. down the road behind my electric car. That annoyed an old college buddy and we started debating who’s responsible, government or the corporate world. Well after watching 25 years of political song and dance which I am calling the “Potomac Two-Step,” my taxes and cost of living just keep going up regardless of which bunch is holding the reins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the tax-and-spend democrat or the borrow-and-spend republican. The people are what’s important. We’re the ones working. We’re the one’s having our wages garnished to fund this madhouse. And so if we cannot get any satisfaction by voting one party in after the other we have to switch tactics and make this a war of attrition.

I’m not a communist. A communist (just a down and dirty description) wants government to seize everything, grind it up, add milk and melamine and feed it back to the people fairly in equal measured servings. I want you to feed yourselves. I want to feed myself. I want us, when we can, to feed each other. And as we share knowledge and resources we can prosper without some elected clown trying to manage us. As a result I can’t be a part of either dominant party. I’m not a Republican and not A Democrat, not Green or Socialist and not Tea.

Freedom is our most patriot duty. Without that nothing matters. Without that everything else is bondage. With the party freedom it’s always relative liberty. The trouble with is that it’s a creeping bondage. Trading freedom for relative liberty is like trading water for relative humidity. You got about three days before you’re someplace you probably don’t want to be.


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