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No matter how much gold they’ve amassed, they’re still TIN HORN dictators…the whole sodding lot of them.


Price Jump

The stations I normally buy from have both jumped 6 cents in the last 24 hours. I am considering a station called “Major Brands.” They’re showing $3.24/gal for regular. I’ve been looking at a website called austingasprices.com. It appears to be updated by the consumers several times a day.

Inflation is a jack

In 1981 the average price of gold was $459.25/oz.
That year the Federal Minimum Wage was $3.35/hr.
You would have had to work about 137 hours (about three and a half weeks) to save up the cash to buy one ounce of gold from the coin dealer.

Today 3/22/11, the price of gold was $1426/oz.
Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25/hr.
You’d have to work 197 hours (nearly five weeks) to save up the cash to buy one ounce of gold from the coin dealer.

Over the last 30 years the system has stolen a third of your buying power and made you work 43% longer for it.

Libya…Feels a little like Bosnia

There’s no “genocide” now, unless you count the people being killed in the counter attacks by Gadhafi. But the whole humanitarian bent of this war we’re entering feels like the Bosnian/Serb conflict under Clinton. If the stated purpose had been the oil this wouldn’t have the support from the political buzzard’s left wing.

I’m still calling what’s happening in N. Africa and the Middle East WWIII even if I’m the only one willing to say that at this point.