Gas Mileage off a bit this week

My mileage is down a little this week because of a few extra trips that I don’t normally take. Most of my driving is on the MoPac “expressway.” Thursday I took my parents to a couple of places closer to the center of town and had to drive back home before turning around to go to work. Yesterday there was a wreck ahead of me on MoPac and I took a detour around it, which had me stopped at traffic lights more than normal.

Today the tank was at 3/4 so I filled up at $3.37 and when I punched the numbers into the MPG app I ended up at 16.5 instead of 17.2mpg. The best thing to do is to treat this like the bathroom scale and stay focused on the goal of 15-20% savings over the next year and not worry so much about a random pound or two in the meantime.


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