The Pledge: An Oath Worth Keeping

I’m planning on joining Oath Keepers as an associate member. I cannot be a regular member because I am not a current or former service member or peace officer. I’m joining because I believe in the work that the organization is doing. We need them to remember their oaths. We desperately need for them to remember the oaths they’ve taken when they’re dealing with situations that could lead to them committing illegal and immoral acts on the people.

But what about the civilian? We take an oath. We begin taking that oath early in life. Sadly the teachers do not spend any time teaching us about that oath. I really think that we’d all be better citizens had that been included among the various curricula we’re exposed to. Just cutting maybe one story about the Pilgrims a year to go through the Pledge and explain the statements would do more good than a lot of the stuff we spent time on.

So when we come to the Pledge, how do we keep our oath and what circumstances could arise when a citizen fails to keep the oath?