Recap of the Ice Weekend

This is the view of Congress Avenue and Barton Springs Rd. from the 5th floor of Embassy Suites Hotel.

We kinda got snookered by the weatherpersons. Early on we were under the impression that this was going to be strictly snow with no ice accumulation. Instead it happened the way it usually happens with water freezing to sleet then snow covering that. There were people on the night crew who had trouble getting to work. And at the end of the night we realized we were going to have trouble getting home.

Fortunately we were able to talk the boss into putting us up at the hotel. We thought about crashing here at the office but that’s hard to do since there is no place to really get away to sleep. Camping out in the car wasn’t a really good option but I am going to explore that further.

There were several wrecks and some deaths on the highway during the 48 hours. On that note I guess it wasn’t quite as bad as the storm of 2007 January. It was definitely a good idea to stay around here. I’m no good to anyone dead.