It's about creating, not taking back

Back during the 1992 Republican National Convention, Pat Buchanan talked about “Taking Back” our streets. That put a lot of people in the other camp on edge with thoughts that if the Republicans had a second term, especially under Buchanan, there would be a police-state looking system put in place. Well that was 19 years ago and we hadn’t made some of the turns that we have now. I hear those words used fairly often in different settings and it always seems like the society has changed and something we used to have or do has been hijacked by someone and we need to take it back. At lesat 3 times I have said the words “I want my life back.” Whenever I say it I mean that I’ve gotten involved with things and people that are taking up too much of my time and sucking the life out of me.

3 years ago I got into conspiracy theories and conspiracy media pretty heavily and I have felt quite a bit of despair after watching about two or three weeks worth of videos. In spring of 2010 I woke up from that and realised that I felt powerless and was unhappy. That’s when I started looking into preparedness and modern survivalism. I did not do this to “take back” control because I haven’t had any…not only have I not had any control I have been ignorant of the fact. I became a prepper to force control into chaos, to create in my life the control that for a long time I had been feeling did not exist. Preparedness allows me to feel help-full instead of helpless. I still listen to some doom and gloom broadcasts but instead of sitting around, wringing my hands and hoping, with bitten nails, that the shit will pass me by on its way to the fan, I am doing something everyday so my fan can withstand whatever comes its way.

Short power failure

The power was out for about a half hour this morning. I managed to get one candle lit and was using a flashlight. I went outside and checked with one of the neighbors to find out that it was the neighborhood and not just a circuit-breaker issue. There wasn’t time to test any other preps.

Cooking with Cottonseed Oil: Another Elevator in the Outhouse

I have to admit, I don’t always read labels like we all should. Sometimes I’m too busy or distracted. Doesn’t matter. I have to disconnect from whatever is occupying my attention and make the time. When I pick up some food packages I see in the list of

oils cottonseed, palm and palm kernel oils. I’ll deal with palm oil later. It’s the cottonseed oil that set off a “redder” alert for me. Over the years a voice has quietly tried to tell me that this oil shouldn’t be in my food. Again I haven’t been a good listener.

In talking with Mom I found out how we get from cotton boll to cotton seed to cottonseed cakes and cottonseed oil. Back in the day, workers picked the cotton; the cotton was taken to a gin; the seed was separated from the cotton; the cotton was baled and shipped; then the seed was sent to a cottonseed mill where the fun stuff happens. The process is not too much different now, except that many of those workers have been replaced with machines and magic cottonseed from Monsanto that is supposed to grow herbicide ready, pest-resistant plants. There is video of how that’s working out for farmers in India so we don’t need to get into that. People went to the cottonseed mill and bought oil and some of the mill stores gave cottonseed cakes to the kids. Well I’ve never been to a cottonseed mill and with what I’ve read on the stuff I won’t be going anytime soon.

We’ll skip stuff like pesticide residue in the oil and get to the really weird…Cottonseed oil contains Gossypol, which is under research as a male oral contraceptive.

Supposedly gossypol, which is a natural toxin in cottonseed oil, is removed from all commercially available oil. With all the food recalls for e-coli and other problems I have a hard time believing that the toxin is never present in the oil. This should raise more questions than I see being asked. How do we know the toxin, even if injested in trace amounts, doesn’t have a cumulative effect? How many men are being affected and don’t know it?

This oil is in more and more processed foods and is hard to get away from. The way to the solution is awareness. Read the labels. Try to find substitute products that you are willing to consume. Get the recipes and cook the stuff yourself. Consume more of the good oils to balance the amount of high-tech lard that you’re eating. One solution is for the bio-diesel companies and anyone wanting to make it themselves to switch from corn and/or sunflower oils to cottonseed oil. That way we can put the corn back in the cornbread.

Rice out of plastic – More Food Shenanigans from China

According to this story on, Chinese “scientists” have figured out a way to synthesize a rice-looking product out of potato, sweet potato and plastic resins.

And you thought they stopped with melamine in the milk. Do we really need to discuss the sanity of this further?

While it seems to be localised to a town in China, it wouldn’t surprise me if they started sneaking this crap into exports. So watch any frozen dinners and/or bags of rice from the supermarkets. Be sure of what you’re putting into your body.