A poison with no honour and an even less honourable antidote

We’re living longer but not very well. All our young lives we take in the poison. It starts with sugar-laden cereals followed by creme filled thingamabobs. Burgers with beef from dubious and faraway sources. Vegetable shortenings and hydrogenated grease that are less healthy for you than fatback. So after a lifetime of processed gunk the co-morbities set in and we have to start taking the antidote.

We should be dead.

And were it not for a badly functioning antidote in the form of pills and doctor visits and copays and drug formularies and insurance premiums we would be. I have watched this in the lives of family, friends and self and it sickens me the state we’ve all come to. Better that we had joined Socrates in the hemlock and been treated with brandy and spirits of ammonia. At least that would have been an honest poison. Instead we follow parents and grandparents in embracing a sedentary lifestyle heavily encouraged by a mainstream media whose only concern is the advertiser’s dollar. And those advertisers are forever busy collecting your dollars.

So what’s the solution?

Do whatever you can to change your diet. Eat as much unprocessed foods as possible. Make a goal of getting off one of your medications if it is possible to do. If not, improve your health to be able to safely reduce the dose as much as possible. Fewer trips to the doctor and the pharmacy lower the amount of money moving in that economy. This “malimentation” healthcare system is not about health, yours or anyone else’s. It is about some people’s wealth.