I decided a few days ago to change the direction of this blog. I’ve had some significant things happen to me personally and I see clearly that I have to create a brand and a business out of my online endeavors. Developing brand is not easy and especially to do so in a sustainable way. I made some money a few years ago writing ad posts on a blog and things looked good for a while until “The Googler” showed up and took away my page rank. I won’t attempt to do that here and I really don’t want the content on this blog drowning in ad widgets. So I’ll be working on better ways to bring in money.

In order to make this blog worth a few bucks a month to folks who are willing and able to invest there has to be a much clearer mission and focus to it. We’ll be looking at alien survival from two points of view. The first is where the aliens come or are already here and our task is surviving them. The second is where the alien lands and has to use survival skills to escape notice, fit in, etc.

There are eight alien roles that I want us to focus on to begin with. I’ll be doing this more ore less weekly with a plan on moving it to a daily focus. I’m basing this list on movies I’ve seen and books I’ve read. If you can think of any other, feel free to contact me:

  1. Alien Messiah
  2. Alien Conqueror
  3. Alien Experimenter/Scientist
  4. Alien as Friendly Visitor
  5. Aliens at war with Earth as a base
  6. Aliens at war and Earth is in the way
  7. Aliens as God/Creator

As we approach these our assumption is that it has already happened and our task is to survive and help those around us to survive. Survive means being alive, awake, free, fed, hydrated and healthy.

I’ll do product reviews and keep you posted on other things that are going on.

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