Dealing With Personal TEOTWAWKI

A catastrophic illness is more likely to shatter the world for you than corporate and government skulduggery. When this hits, it hits hard and it’ll leave you bewildered, wondering what to do for a relative who suddenly can no longer take care of themselves.

It’s difficult to be “ready” for something like this. There’s nothing to bugout from…no where to escape to. You can get yourself educated on the illness and how to care for the loved one. But you probably won’t know what you’re dealing with until it happens. CPR and First Aid training are most likely the only things you could acquire in advance of an illness like this.

While it’s not a bug out bag exactly, you can put together a kit of items the person needs should they have to go to the hospital suddenly. That way you just have to grab one bag to take with you. I’d suggest a couple changes of clothes, a few extra pair of underwear and some toiletry items. Make sure the bag is large enough to hold whatever medications the patient needs as well as any documentation. Hospitals are notorious for not knowing things even when you’ve been there before and seen them enter your information into a computer.

Try to get as much rest as you can and do whatever you can to reduce stress. To some extent you’re living for two. Don’t allow your health to slip while helping someone else with theirs.