The temperature dance

I have a garden with a few small plants in it. The forecast for Sunday looks like rainy and 51deg followed by a low in the 30s. So I’ll have to get out there and cover the plants before the cold hits.

First the Crotch Bomber, now this…

Nigerian woman swallows NINETY-ONE pellets of heroin. WTF??? Is that a world record for drug mules? Should we call the folks over at Guinness? The story on CNN.con says she was flagged for “closer inspection” and admitted to swallowing 2.5lbs of the drug. Did she look like she needed to take a sh@t? Is that going to be the new TSA thing once they tire of so many pat-downs? Again another plane landing in Detroit. Is drug trafficking the new terrorism? This world is just Effin’ Nuts!