The real alien threat

Keep your friends close…

…and Walmart closer.

A few years ago I noticed a lot of people trying to avoid buying from Walmart. They cite any number of things like human rights violations to undercutting the competition.

Okay fine.

Allegations are floating around about a certain company and you’re taking steps to keep your money from going to them. Back when the economy was doing well (before 2007) and today’s 20% of job-seekers was a much lower percentage, it was easier to buy elsewhere and hope that others did the same.

Now is not the time.

We need to utilize the cost savings of Walmart. We’re buying extra items to add to our preps. We need the best price. Money saved on two cans of something at one store can go to buy three of something else at another store.

The economic situation we’re all facing could last several years. The goal is to make sure we acquire as much redundancy while things are plentiful so that we’re not needing to be on the street looking for things when a disaster is on the way. Therefore we need to be as efficient as possible with our money.