A review of the movie Legion

Probably the best category for this film is Dystopian Fiction.

The Gist: A banished Archangel Michael arrives on Earth to protect and fight alongside a group of humans against a horde of people possessed by angels sent from God to destroy humanity.

Overall it was entertaining. It kind of reminded me of other quasi-Christian apocalyptic films like the Seventh Sign, The Prophecy (1-5) and Gabriel where a darkness is approaching and an angel or not-quite-reincarnated Christ (Seventh Sign) comes back to fight against, usher in or witness the end. Some of the effects and scenes reminded me a little of Spawn and one of several zombie movies.

The survival/prep take: Here we go with another shot at the 2nd Amendment. We’re in a diner, the angelic horde is coming and two characters harass a third for carrying a pistol and using it to defend the customers against one of these possessed creatures. There were questions like why he had it, what he needed it for and so forth. It’s okay to have a 12-gauge to protect the diner against a holdup but the customers better not be packing.

It was a scene I found annoying. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. It comes from the attitude that a disarmed citizenry is a polite citizenry. They were being brain-brothers of the folks who freak out over a pocket knife.

This kind of thing is hard to prep for. There is no way a single individual could survive it. We prep for the usual acts of God, not something like this. All of our TEOTWAWKI scenarios have to do with failures from human systems. Your danger of a home invasion is thousands of times more likely to come from another human. Anyway, it’s good for a popcorn and soda and 90 minutes to kill.


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