Overnight Camping – A prep assessment

I spent last night, 12/18, in the THP Quarry which is the training/school site for The Human Path school. I slept in my car and the temperature got down to around 33° F. It was a rough night. I had a blanket but that wasn’t nearly enough. I had a really hard time sleeping because of the cold. Some of the stuff I had on hand was sufficient for spending one night but there were other things I forgot to bring.

Tools/Supplies on hand:
Batteries: AA(2), CR123A(2) [Note: I have a Cree LED flashlight that takes either AA or CR123A and a Maglite 2D].
Water (3L)
Food (Beef Jerky, Oranges, Bananas, Protein Bars, Sandwich)
Clothing: Pants, Shirt, Two changes of socks and underwear
Writing: Pen, Notebook
Tools: 2 Hunting Knives, Pocket knife, Multi-tools
Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
Paper Towels (partial roll)

Tools/Supplies used:
Cree LED flashlight
Sandwich, Beef Jerky, Protein Bar
Pen, Notebook

Paper (forgot to bring facial tissue, toilet paper)
Chair (had to borrow)
Blanket (Protected me from some of the cold above but not the cold coming from below)

Things I need to fix/change:
Build out the camp kit (BOB in progress)
Add a supply of paper.
Load the chair in the car. (needed for more than just sitting around a fire.)
Get a sleeping bag and another blanket.

At least I proved to myself that I can get through one night in the car if I have to. Now to extend that to three days.

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