Preparing vs Not Preparing

While the preparedness/survivalist movement is still growing, the majority of people still go through life counting on the continued existence of systems of support. Those who’ve never had to deal with a disaster should consider themselves lucky. It happens to people daily. These aren’t life ending disasters necessarily but they do cause serious interruptions. Job losses, vehicles being totaled, the loss of a loved one…anything that causes devastation to a single individual needs to be mitigated through preparedness.

Am I prepared? For some things yes. For others no. It’s something I think about every day and try to take actions on.

I’m glad the systems are in place and would find it extremely inconvenient if they were not. But I know that a computer glitch could bring down just the particular portion of the ATM and POS terminal network that affects my bank and I would find myself without access to cash. This has happened before. A few months ago, the entire network in the town I live in was out for two to three hours one Friday afternoon coworkers were talking about needing cash and not having it. That didn’t affect me because I had some cash on hand and the situation didn’t last very long. But what if it had? What if every ATM and POS terminal was on the fritz for an entire weekend? That means your credit card isn’t going to work at the store either. How do you buy food? Does the particular store you are in have one of those carbon paper card imprinters? What about the fast food restaurant? Do you have enough at home to get you through until service is restored? More importantly, do you need to think about questions like these?

Whatever food and supplies you have on hand are still a finite resource. Eventually the three days, weeks, months or years will come and go and you will need more. Who has the better chance of surviving, the person who takes steps to prepare or the one who like the Eloi boy in the original film of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine says, “…it grows…it always grows…”

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